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Steadfast launches direct insurance channel

Listed broker Steadfast is entering the direct personal lines market with a new line of retail insurance products for sale through brokers.

The new approach, called Steadfast Direct, will be underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Australia and New Zealand, the local arm of the US investment and insurance giant.

Steadfast MD and CEO Robert Kelly told the new sales channel will allow Steadfast Network brokers to offer their clients competitively priced direct insurance products.

From February Steadfast Direct will offer home and motor insurance, subject to regulatory approval.

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Insurance fraudster deliberately smashes head on car windshield

You don’t have to be a veteran claims handler to spot a fraudster’s brazen attempt to make an insurance claim yet it seems some hapless fraudsters think they are in the running to become Tom Cruise’ stunt double for the next Mission Impossible movie.

This Dashcam video filmed in South Korea, courtesy of the Daily Mail, clearly shows a man seem to appear from nowhere in a car park, leap on to a car, trying to pretend the vehicle knocked him over. However, he soon realises that, unsurprisingly, no harm came to him (or the car) and proceeds to slam his head against the windscreen several times to break the glass. He then slides off the car, feigning injury.

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More Truckies Top Tips

Road Positioning

If stopped or broken down, try to park well clear of the roadway. At night use hazard lights and to be safely seen, ensure your headlights are switched off and parking lights are on.

A truck uses its entire lane. If you stay to the left when approaching an oncoming truck you will lessen buffeting from air turbulence.

Maintain Your Speed

When being overtaken by a truck, please maintain your speed and do not accelerate. In fact, it is good to slow for a moment to allow the truck to pass more easily.

Towing Caravans & Boats

If you are being overtaken by a truck, please maintain your speed and stay in your lane. Let the professional truck driver overtake you in a smooth way, even if takes some time.

Lights At Night

Make sure you dip your high beam before reaching a crest or curve. When coming up behind a truck dip early because a truck’s large mirrors don’t have an anti-glare position.

Road Courtesy

Better to give or receive a friendly wave of thanks than a shaken fist. Like you, truck drivers want to get home safely to their families.

For your safety and mine, please learn the Truckie’s Top Tips.

Let’s Share the Road Safely


Drivers and passengers travelling unrestrained in a car are at least 10 times more likely to be killed in a road crash than those wearing a seat belt. Always use your seatbelt, no matter how short the trip or how well you may know the local roads.


Studies show that 80% of collisions are caused by motorists whose attention is taken away from the road by passengers, phones, GPS, radio, eating drinking and smoking.

Distractions are the single biggest cause of crashes and near misses – with road users who take their eyes of the road for two seconds or longer, doubling their crash risk.

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Truckies Top Tips

Avoid Blind Spots

I use my mirrors so I know what’s around me. If you sit in my blind spots I might not know that you are there.

Don’t sit too close right behind me.

There is also a big blind spot down to the side on my left. Please, don’t sit in the spot near my passenger door, even out to the side on my right can be tricky.

Just remember this simple rule…If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you

Don’t Cut In – Braking Distances

You’ll often see that trucks leave a big space between us and the car in front. You probably don’t realise how dangerous it is if you jump into that space with your car. Because of my size and weight…I need almost twice as much room to brake as a car. If you cut in front – I might not have room to stop!

So for your safety and mine, please don’t Cut In

Don’t Overtake Turning Vehicles

Trucks need more room to get around corners and roundabouts. Sit back until we’ve got around the corner. Or something unfortunate might happen!

100 KPH Speed Limiting

Speed limiting means no engine power is delivered above 100 km/hr, however gravity can push us faster downhill. Truck drivers like to be at the legal speed approaching hills in order to lessen delays to all traffic, but if we slow going uphill or when overtaking, we are doing the best we can.

Overtake With Care

Stay well back behind the truck. Be certain you can see sufficient clear road ahead. When you are sure it is safe, signal, move out, pass quickly but sensibly. Don’t move back in until you can see both the truck’s headlights in your mirrors and do not slow down.

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Queensland highway to get $110 million upgrade

The Australian Government has approved a $110 million upgrade to Queensland’s Warrego Highway.

The section between Toowoomba and Oakey is the first approved road works funded under the $635 million Warrego Highway Upgrade Package.

Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Warren Truss, said the project would duplicate 5.7 kilometres of the Warrego Highway, providing two lanes in each direction between Charlton and Cotswold Hills, to the west of Toowoomba.

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Trucking industry launches driver health initiative

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has today launched a new driver health initiative, releasing the first in a series of health fact sheets for ATA members.

Developed in partnership with the Sleep Health Foundation, the first fact sheet focuses on Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), a condition that affects some 40 per cent of Australia’s long distance truck drivers.

OSA causes the soft tissues of the throat to close or partially block the airway during sleep, preventing normal breathing and forcing sufferers to wake multiple times during the night.

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New dash cam encourages safe driving

Uniden has extended its range of in-car vehicle recorders with the release of the iGO Cam 750. The so-called ‘crash cam’ was designed for drivers wanting to protect themselves from road-related
accidents and disputes, according to the manufacturer.

“New to the Uniden iGO Cam series is the inclusion of speed camera warnings built into the Crash Camera device. The speed camera warnings alert drivers of upcoming fixed speed cameras and red light cameras, reminding motorists to slow down,” Uniden said.

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